Spirit River Community’s DNA

Our DNA is very much like “Core Values”. DNA is organic and living; the language of the human body.  DNA is the building blocks of the human body, dictating the body’s characteristics as well as what it will look like.  As followers of Jesus, the Christ, we understand ourselves as part of the body of Christ: the universal Church.  Let us “unpack” each point of  our DNA; the building blocks of Spirit River Community.

Prayer:  Spirit River Community begins and ends in prayer.  This fellowship was started in prayer. Prayer is a conversation between God and people; both in a group, and by yourself.  Through prayer, we discover and experience God’s movement and momentum .

Radical Hospitality: We welcome everyone at Spirit River Community.  Yet it goes deeper; we are a place of nurture, sharing, caring, and giving.  Words like generosity, gracious, “the extra mile”, and abundance can be found in our lives together. We seek to reach out to our neighbors and the world around us.

Radical Availability:  We strive to be “open to opportunities of grace”.  We want to be available for those moments of mercy or justice.  We want to be available for the needs of others.  We want to be real and live honestly when our culture might entice doing otherwise.

Church as “Unbound”:  Too often the church seeks to maintain itself and its institution.  The more the Church can change from being an “institution” and come alive as a Movement of God, the more the church becomes and reflects who Christ wants us to be.

Church as “Outbound”:  Too often the church looks inward to make sure the “club members” are happy and content. At Spirit River Community we seek to focus on the community, our neighbors, and the world God has set us in.  As we give ourselves away, we find that God helps us discover more of who we are and are called to be.  We look for where we can extend God’s love and make real God’s grace.

Prayer: As said above, Spirit River Community begins and ends in prayer.  In prayer we thank God for blessings and listen so that Christ might daily speak to us how we might live as a follower of Jesus, who we’ve come and are coming to know as Christ.