** PHOTOGRAPHERS! - We are looking for more photos to post on our website. Any time that you are at Spirit River Community activities, and you get a photo which could be used on our website, please send it to: cathyp44@hotmail.com


We are looking forward to seeing YOU at Spirit River Community!

Hope UMC from Duluth will be here this week to help with our Matthew 25 on Saturday. They will stay to worship with us on Sunday. Be sure to seek them out and thank them for their visit.  Rev. Lyndi Zabel will speak this Sunday. Some of you may recall he and his band have been with us before.

The Nomads will be arriving on the 25th and staying through July 14th. They will be busy working around the church for this 3 weeks.

July 2nd is Pastor Guy's first Sunday. Our services will begin at 10:30 starting on that Sunday.



Look for sign-up sheets on Sunday or email us at this email spiritrivercommunityfamily@gmail.com  if you are available to help with any of these opportunities! 

Here is a look at our upcoming week.