“Celebrate good times, come on!”  I’ve always enjoyed that tune from the early 80’s.  For some weeks now, even months there have been a lot of things to celebrate in the life of our Spirit River Community!  So much so that there’s not enough room in this one column to include them all.  I want to mention them so that we don’t miss all the blessing God is pouring out upon the SRC family.  If you’ll allow me, I’d like to take a couple of “Pastor’s Corners” to catch us all up on all the growth, empowerment, and service we’ve been experiencing of late.

To begin with let’s go all the way back to Thanksgiving.  Through your help and participation we served over 200 people a full Thanksgiving Day meal for free! Thank you all for so many of you helped out! Still, I’d like to name a few who were a part of this group of volunteers.  First is Gary Horrigh, who stepped in just days before and did all the cooking!  Also was Rev. Guy Sederski who played host and help coordinate the event through the day.  Also Janet Sahlstrom who coordinated reservations and seating.  Thank you all for the many hands who helped make that day of service happen and touch so many families! 

Next, we were able to have our Children’s and Family Christmas Gift Store available for families who can’t afford the multiple gifts at Christmas time.  Again, so many of you helped to make this happen but it would be good to lift up Kathy Dehn who did the major lifting and coordinating of this project.  Also Gail Sederski and the mission committee from Stillwater UMC.  Gail coordinated Stillwater UMC's Mission team and helped lead the day at the gift store.  Thanks also to the many members of Stillwater UMC’s congregation who attended and helped people select gifts, wrap gifts, and who supplied so much of the gifts!!


The new Isanti Coborn’s store director is a wonderful woman named Mary!  She came to Isanti for the opening of the store.  She asked around about who reached out well to the Isanti/Cambridge area communities.  It was our name; Spirit River Community that was given her. So it was she who called me to ask if we would be able to distribute 90+ hams to people in our community.  It was delightful to hand out so many hams to so many families in our communities!  And this much to the reason of your serving and loving our neighbors in such strong and multiple ways that your (SRC’s) reputation is one of making a difference for the cause of the Commonwealth of Christ!

I’ll have to take more space in the next Pastor’s Corner to name other ways of service, celebration, and growth.  We still haven’t even gotten to 2017!  Spirit River Community family – Please be aware of how blessed you are and what a blessing you are!  Through you all, lives are being touched, hearts are being changed, and Christ is being declared through your service and witness! 

Be God’s, Pastor Jim

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