Spirit River Community seeks to invite, nurture and empower people in Christian discipleship. As faithful, engaged disciples, we work for change in our community and world that leads toward the cause and commonwealth of Christ.

Spirit River Community’s DNA

Our DNA is very much like “Core Values”. DNA is organic and living; the language of the human body.   As followers of Jesus, the Christ, we understand ourselves as part of the body of Christ: the universal Church.  

Prayer: Spirit River Community begins and ends in prayer.  

Radical Hospitality: We welcome everyone at Spirit River Community.  We are a place of nurturing, sharing, caring, and giving.

Radical Availability:  We want to be available  for moments of mercy or justice. We strive to be “open to opportunities of grace”.  

Church as “Unbound”:  The more the Church becomes alive,  the more it reflects who Christ wants us to be.

Church as “Outbound”:  We seek to focus on the community, and the world God has set us in.  

Prayer: As said above, Spirit River Community begins and ends in prayer. We want to live as followers of Jesus!

 A United Methodist Church